Brittanie's Thyme

Brittanie's Thyme
12185 Shaner Avenue
Cedar Springs, MI 60525
United States

Brittanie’s Thyme is a woman-owned company dedicated to organic integrity in all our personal care products. Over 90% of our products are USDA certified 95% organic, or even higher. Our skin care is sold in retail locations throughout the U.S and Japan.
Brittanie’s Thyme is a leading U.S. company producing USDA Certified Organic body care products. Our ingredients are all natural, and our integrity is unquestioned.
Each Brittanie’s Thyme product is carefully crafted to work with the body’s natural chemistry, promoting healthy skin from the outside in. Our ingredients encourage skin’s long-term health, instead of seeking to suppress problems with chemicals. Our products are rich in antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. They are effective even for the most sensitive, troubled skin.
Brittanie’s Thyme stands above the crowd with social responsibility and high product standards which have attracted attention from national magazines and news outlets. We never test on animals, and use eco-friendly practices in our offices. The pure ingredients and luxurious feel of Brittanie’s Thyme products places them in the ranks of the most high-end body care lines, but we keep the pricing affordable—because everyone deserves luxurious body care with integrity.
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