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DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions
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Innovalight is harnessing a proprietary silicon-ink process, developed by the company to print thin-film solar power modules. Leveraging the advantages of solvent-based processing, Innovalight will help accelerate the promise of more affordable solar power solutions for residential and commercial applications.Innovalight has developed a technology that has the promise to take current silicon-based solar cells (90 percent of market today) to a completely new level of cost. The high cost of production of solar cells today has been one of the major factors inhibiting the overall growth of solar energy as a market.

Innovalight has developed a silicon nanocrystalline ink that holds the promise to bring flexible solar panels to cost that could be as much as ten times cheaper than current solar cell solutions. Using proprietary methods, Innovalight has developed a solvent-based silicon process that lends itself to a low cost production and high throughput manufacturing.
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