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Perhaps at no time in recent memory have business and government been presented with such a huge and challenging economic shift: the move from traditional energy sources to alternative energy sources. Clearly, the time for alternative energy is now—with recent political developments, and the rising cost of oil, billions of dollars are now being invested in alternative energy, with new projects announced daily.
And enerG Magazine is front and center in covering the projects and new developments in this very dynamic industry. With stories from across North America, enerG provides extensive coverage of what is probably the fastest growing industry in the world today. From project stories to product updates, enerG is all about the business of alternative energy. Companies and governments are actively searching for alternatives to declining traditional energy sources, and for ways to improve our environment—and enerG profiles the projects and policies that are moving North America ahead to a future of alternative energy. In every issue of enerG, we look at the practical solutions, where investment capital is going, and what delivers the best paybacks on investment. Whether it involves new greenfield projects or thinking outside the box and using brownfield sites, there is an extraordinary number of alternative energy projects going ahead in North America—and you can stay on top of all of this with enerG. enerG is North America’s leading publication about the alternative energy industry. From wind to solar to geothermal to biomass—and more—enerG covers the entire spectrum of alternative energy.

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