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Driving Growth and Profits In A Transparent Business Environment Begins With Your environmental Management Strategy

What Is Your Environmental Footprint?

You can’t be in business without being impacted by environmental issues, exposures, liabilities, investments…. In today’s transparent business environment, companies understanding this basic fact use it to a competitive advantage.

In a transparent business environment the way to minimize risk, maximize value and optimize performance while driving your growth and profits begins with discovering your environmental footprint.

“What is your environmental footprint?” Is government reporting required? Are you impacted by SOX, SAB 92 ruling, FIN 47, GASB 49? Do you generate a waste stream, air emissions, storm water runoff….? Do you use TRI (Toxic Release Inventory) chemicals? Should you get ISO 14000 certified? Go carbon neutral? Do you have a neighbor contaminating your property? Underground or above ground storage tanks? Brownfield’s? LEEDS?....

Business needs a proven strategy that will assist them to compete in today’s business environment. Over the past 20 years environmental Strategist™ (eS), has developed the environmental Management Strategy (eMS).

Through development and execution of an eMS, a business will discover their environmental footprint.

Besides giving you your environmental footprint an eMS also identifies your starting point from which to build a sustainable business. The better defined your starting point, the more control you will have. An eMS gives business the ability to measure and report your environmental progress to employees, government, stakeholders, neighbors, customers….

An eMS is an evolving strategy based upon doing better today than yesterday and doing better tomorrow than today.

An eMS utilizes a *TEAM SPORT strategy to assure you gather the necessary competitive environmental intelligence to execute your eMS.

The make up of your eMS TEAM can vary but in general will be comprised of key employee/s, legal council, risk manager/insurance agent, accountant, financial institution representative, realtor, and environmental service provider/s. Your eMS TEAM primarily interacts with upper management. The eMS will identify lower level organizational task to be performed and your appropriate TEAM member will coordinate.

The foundation of your eMS is the environmental efficiency evaluation (eee). Completing the environmental Strategist™ eee questionnaire gives you your environmental baseline by identifying direct and indirect environmental issues. (email: jcbunbury@aol.com for a free environmental Strategist™ eee questionnaire)

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