Extengine, Inc.

Extengine, Inc.
United States

Extengine is leading today’s green revolution to fight urban smog with pragmatic innovative technologies that can reduce urban smog quicker and cheaper than any single commercially viable solution or company.This synergistic line of technologies, lubricants, and biofuels work together to EXTend ENGINE and commercial equipment productive life, while dramatically reducing exhaust emissions on older in-use vehicles and equipment, lower diesel fleet operating and maintenance costs, and provide proven CARB verified solutions for fleet operators to meet stricter regulatory emissions mandates on their existing diesel fleets. Extengine Inc. is a cleantech California-based company with patented, cost-effective CARB (California Air Resources Board) verified diesel retrofit engine emissions control systems, leading high-performance anti-friction engine oils and commercial super lubricants, and the cleanest low NOx premium biodiesel fuels on the market.

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