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Honda has introduced a new generation of gasoline engines around the world that have extremely low emission levels and increased fuel efficiency while maintaining the ability to improve driving performance.Further in pursuit of our goal to improve energy efficiency, we have developed gas-electric hybrid vehicles that achieve ultra-high fuel economy. This includes the Insight, the first mass-market car with hybrid power. Developing vehicles that use sustainable energy sources is perhaps the ultimate direction. Hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles have great potential for the future. Honda developed the first fuel-cell vehicle in the world to be certified by both the EPA and the state of California. Many other firsts were to follow, such as the first hybrid vehicle sold in North America and the first government-certified fuel-cell car. This legacy of innovation and acting on our beliefs is seen in every Honda product, from the Civic GX Natural Gas Vehicle, the FCX Clarity Fuel Cell vehicle, and the Civic Hybrid.

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