Hycrete, Inc.

Hycrete, Inc.
United States

Integrating our proprietary technology ensures greater durability and structural service life while advancing the concrete industry through environmentally intelligent solutions. Hycrete, Inc. seeks to be the leading provider of sustainable concrete materials and solutions for green buildings.At Hycrete, Inc. we are dedicated to achieving and maintaining a reputation as a first class innovative technology company. We will build the company guided by the principles of ecology, our community, and economy.At Hycrete, we are proud to be part of this evolution. We provide concrete producers, builders, designers, and owners with modern concrete construction solutions that deliver cost savings, schedule acceleration, and sustainable construction solutions. We focus on mission-critical subgrade, grade, and super grade water and corrosion protection. Applications include deep foundation slabs and walls, podium and plaza decks, roof, parking and tunnel structures. Our technologies deliver integral waterproofing that can eliminate the need for external membranes, coatings and sheeting treatments. With our solutions, concrete is batched with Hycrete liquid admixtures to achieve hydrophobic performance. Hycrete Admixtures transform concrete from an open network of capillaries and cracks into an ultra-low absorptivity, waterproof, protective building material. Our Hycrete Elite Waterproofing System consists of Hycrete hydrophobic concrete delivered through local concrete suppliers, construction support, and a comprehensive performance warranty. The key feature of this construction approach is the elimination of the entire external waterproofing process.

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