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L.L. Bean
United States

For over ninety years L.L.Bean has been committed to environmental stewardship. We sell products that enhance our customers' relationships with the outdoors and continually seek to minimize the adverse impacts that producing, marketing and distributing these products have on the environment. L.L.Bean conducts business in an environmentally responsible manner, using the best environmental practices within our industry.L.L.Bean has invested considerable time and resources into understanding and addressing environmental issues associated with paper and its production for our catalogs. As a direct marketing company whose use of paper is critical to our business, we accept our responsibility for careful management of its environmental impacts. To this end, L.L.Bean has made a meaningful commitment to support and promote sustainable forestry initiatives.As we grow our business, it is important to build our new structures in harmony with the environment. L.L.Bean has committed to LEED certification for all new construction.We have always been committed to protecting and preserving our natural environment as demonstrated through our ongoing Environmental Charitable Giving efforts and strive to promote environmental stewardship throughout our business. At L.L.Bean, we want to ensure that our operations and the products we make do not negatively impact the global climate.
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