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Moka Joe
United States

From our Bellingham location we create custom blends of coffee to suit our many devoted customers as well as being on the shelves of grocery stores, restaurants, offices, and delis. We often take beans from one location – called a Single Origin coffee, and roast it in a specific way for a particular kind of coffee experience. We work hard to entice the hundreds of natural compounds found in coffee beans into wonderful roasts and blends to suit every taste and preference.The benefit to the customer is that our premium gourmet coffee is not only a rewarding experience to sip and ponder, but the coffee purchase contributes to Fair Trade practices and is Sustainably Grown.We are a socially and environmentally dedicated business with the mission to bring Fair Trade, Certified Organic and Shade Grown coffee beans to the Northwest and beyond. We carefully roast them to order in small batches so that they are always fresh and always aromatic.Moka Joe is proud to be one of a handful of coffee roasters in the nation who purchase and roast 100% Fair Trade Certified beans.
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