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The ever-changing global climate is a matter of intense concern and public importance! If you’re one among those who care and have a passion for green environment, then Planet Experts is the right place for you to confront the realities of the global environment. At Planet Experts, we believe that the fate of the environment today lies with the people that inhabit it. We are a platform where you can get access to the latest happenings in environmental science straight from scientists, journalists, activists and the likes! With Planet Experts you can read the current science articles, news, views, intelligent environment commentary, and more- all without being filtered by editorial limitations or political agendas!
We cover the climate, environment, and green living like none other! We are the place where established environmental scientists and activists post articles and share photos and videos to get you environmental news that matter the most, and translate complex issues into stories that make sense. Our focus lies in getting you to read, think, talk and take action!
We also bring you a forum to interact with like-minded environmentalists with queries, comments, and opinions. For more information about what’s new and what’s next in environmental science, please visit our site at &
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