RyDol Products Inc

RyDol Products Inc
5609 Orphan Lane
Shelbyville, KY 40065
United States


DESCRIPTION: RyDol Aerosol Spray Lubricant is a premium quality biodegradable lubricant formulated with the best optimized USA-grown natural soybean oil and soy methyl ester that surpasses the lubricity, penetration, cleaning and degreasing of most conventional petroleum oils and solvents. It protects against wear and corrosion, has a high flash point (non-flammable) for safety and is readily biodegradable. Unique from other Soy based products, RyDol contains both PTFE and Boron Nitride micron particles for resistance to Extreme Pressure and provides a low coefficient of friction. Non-Corrosive and Non-Abrasive. A viable alternative to traditional petroleum bases lubricants and solvents. An exclusive totally “green” product made in USA.
Even the propellant is Nitrogen which is 78% of the air we breathe.

APPLICATIONS: Specifically formulated to meet the demanding applications of Industrial, Farm, Home, Auto, Shop, Firearms Maintenance and Sportsman use.

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