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Listings is a nonprofit organization working to eliminate a big personal nuisance and environmental hazard — junk mail.
battery & cell phone recycling - nonprofit
send old computers to Africa
With GreenDimes, you can stop up to 90% of your junk mail.
IT asset disposition services
plastics recycling
new & used computers
Imperial Beach, CA
My Living Reef is for those who have chosen cremation and wish for a memorial that is beautiful and unique. Our deceased deserve a living memorial that is permeated, dignified and is as full of life as the sea.
donate old computers to nonprofits
Recycle batteries & cell phones
Cleveland, OH
Reuse Reduce Recycle is a blog that discusses on reusing wastepaper, tips for recycling various types of products such as electronics, paper, pharmaceuticals, tin, metal, and more.
Capitol Heights, MD
Turtle Wings is a woman-owned, HUBzoned environmental services company which provides electronics recycling, data destruction and de-installation services to customers across the U.S.
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