These are places that are taking steps to minimize their footprint on the earth. It may be conserving energy, water or waste.
Bailey's Mills welcomes our guests to a beautiful historic home.
Chugchilan, Cotopaxi
Black Sheep Inn provides a comfortable, educational experience for guests, teaching about the local area, customs & Permaculture, while contributing to & improving community and natural environment.
Blue Lagoon which communicates world of healing power, wellness and beauty, is founded on a unique source of geothermal seawater that originates in Iceland's extreme environment.
Brimstone Hotel is a luxury and brand new, eco friendly hotel in the Lake District.
progressive hotel & conference facility in Syracuse, NY
El Nido is a municipality located at the northwestern tip of the province of Palawan in the Philippines.
Environmentally friendly hotels, or green hotels, are lodging properties which take one or more environmental actions.
Green" Hotels Association's® purpose is to bring together hotels interested in environmental issues
weekly newsletter about green lodging
luxury wilderness lodge in northern BC Canada
The 4 star eco friendly hotel The Langdale Hotel & Spa. Responsible tourism from Langdale, the green tourism gold award hotel.
Miraval provides the space - physically and spiritually - to reconnect with oneself.
yurts are special tents
green hotel in Greensboro, NC
lodge in Amazon
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